Electron Timetable Build Status

TimeTable in the menubar using electron. I have a website for this project. (You're on it!)

How to use?

Download the latest release from GitHub, and then run it, or:
git clone the repo, and then replace images ./img/a.png and ./img/b.png with your own timetable. I will eventually come up with a better way of doing this. One day. I did. Now you just select your own images on opening the app. Run npm install.
Package the files using your preferred method of packaging, and then run it. It'll appear in your menubar, and a dialog will come up - select your 2 timetable images, and press open, then boom, timetable!
You can click on the image to change from week a to week b. If you only have one week in your timetable, just remove b.png from ./img folder
At the moment, only OS X is supported, because Windows/Linux doesn't have a menubar.


https://github.com/maxogden/menubar - used for menubar
https://electron.atom.io - for the main thing